At digiXL we provide all required services to create innovative digital products. We continue to evolve our services with evolving technologies. With our special focus on education technologies we have implemented successful solutions for leading global educational publishers and institutions.


Enhanced E-Books

Educational technologies have seen major changes in the last few years. Institutes, teachers and students are adapting very quickly to using interactive whiteboards as well as tablets in the classroom. Through our enhanced E-Book production services we can help you create E-Books that can be viewed in the classroom or by individual students through computers and tablets.

Our Enhanced E-Book services create engaging E-Books with these key features:

  • Input content adapted from either of indesign, pdf or XML
  • fixed layout and fonts as the printed books, maintaining continuity between the two
  • Photographs, Illustrations, Charts, etc. with zoom-able content
  • Audio, Read-Along features with word or line by line highlighting
  • Glossary, cross-linking
  • Deep linking to a page/asset
  • Rich animations
  • Video
  • Interactive objects on page as well as popup Interactive activities
  • Integration with backend LMS to store progress and scores, offer new content

Our Enhanced E-Books can be delivered as:

  • Online HTML5 applications
  • Native iOS/Android applications
  • Desktop applications
  • EPub3 / iBooks

These E-Books can be delivered to all the platforms as individual books or through a bookshelf interface allowing the user to purchase and download additional books through the same interface.


Mobile/Tablet Apps

By leveraging our domain expertise in tablet and smartphone development we enable our clients to take their content to these platforms. Our deep understanding of these devices helps us enhance the product offerings by adding in native features available for a specific device. As per the project requirements we can offer development in native sdks or deliver a hybrid solution with HTML5 that can significantly reduce costs of cross-platform development.

Our mobile development services include:

  • Native iOS Apps
  • Native Android Apps
  • HTML5+Native - hybrid iOS and Android Apps
  • Apps with rich media features including audio, video, animations and interactive activities
  • UI design and enhancements as per device capabilities
  • In App purchases implementation
  • Integration of products with backend web applications for downloading additional content, storing progress, scores etc.
  • Social integration with Facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Maps/Location aware development
  • Analytics and reporting
  • App store submission



Online/Desktop Apps

We specialize in HTML5 based online or desktop apps that can be viewed on all modern browsers including those of tablets and smartphones. HTML5 based online apps help reduce porting costs and provide publishers greater control and freedom in providing their content to users across iOS, android and computers. Same content can also be packaged as native apps for desktop.

Our online/desktop apps development services include:


Web Applications

End-to-end development of custom web applications to support all your business processes and there integration across platforms.

Our Web application services include:

  • Application architecture
  • Database design
  • .NET/php development
  • eCommerce implementation/integration for downloadable and subscription based products
  • Application support and maintenance

Specifically for ELearning sector we provide LMS customization with:

  • Administration module for creating institutes, classrooms, teachers and students
  • Student monitoring and progress reporting
  • Web services for providing user authentication and content across tablets/desktop applications



Interactive Whiteboard and Table Apps

With eLearning being a core focus area for digiXL most products we have developed are compatible with Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs). In the product development cycle we ensure that the user interface is friendly for use in a classroom environment. We have extensively worked with SMART to create content for their Notebook software and SMART Table.

Our IWB services include:

  • Application development for Interactive Whiteboards of all leading manufacturers
  • Application development for SMART Table
  • UI design
  • Development/integration of commonly used tools in IWBs including pen, highlighting, masking etc.



We offer a full spectrum of illustration, animation services including:

  • Animation for enhancing E-Books
  • HTML5 animation
  • Conversion of legacy flash animations to HTML5 animations
  • Sprite based animations for mobile apps
  • Integraiton of animations into E-Books/ interactive applications
  • Broadcast quality 2d animation
  • Character development/animation, background digital painting



Flash to native/HTML5 conversion

Most leading educational publishers have a lot of legacy content in flash. This content includes interactive applications, learning objects and animations. With the latest devices lacking in support for flash there is a need to convert this legacy content to HTML5 or platform native content. We have developed processes that can significantly cut your costs in this conversion. Contact us to to find out how we can take your legacy content to tablets and smart phones.